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Mar. 12th, 2011


This has a great story behind it: I was at New England Webcomics Weekend last weekend, and I casually mentioned to my friend Jeff Barone that I liked The Mortal Instruments Series,and he casually mentioned that Cassandra Clare lives in the area and he totally knows her and hey look, what a coincidence, here's the lovely husband of her friend. It turned out that she might even come if she recovers from a rockin' signing in Toronto that lasted until midnight.

In case she would be able to stop by the next day I asked if I could draw some fan art because I'd been meaning to draw Simon for aaaages and it would be awesome to give it to her in person. The next day, she was still too tired from her trip, but her friend stopped by and picked it up. She said she liked it, and at the behest of her and Cassandra, I colored it!

24 layers of interacting light in CS3 later, here it is! Simon with non-canon bow!

Mar. 12th, 2011

To see the full strip, click on the small, "spoiler"-less image at the bottom!

You Kiss In My Story!

More x-posted FMP art! Yummy!

So I drew for the first time in a long time!! Of course, it's Full Metal Panic fanart.  I think I have a disease.

Here's the rough. Here's some colors! What do you think? I'm not huge on "floating backgrounds," but this is supposed to take place at Chidori's door, so that would create some weird staging ...

Actually, drawing kissing pictures of favorite TV show characters is horribly embarrassing. Oh well. What else is the internet for?

P.S. Sousuke is dressed in a rugby uniform and helmet, for those who are like "whhhaa?"

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